If we have not met, I want to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about me and my family. I'm Tonya Lamb. I have 2 sons, Dalton and Dillon. Dwayne is my hubby, he goes right along with me on this oily journey. We have 2 labs Nakoma and Topanga. I started using essential oils in February 2016, when I was introduced to them. I had no idea that they existed and what they even were before then. Being someone that would rather use a natural remedy instead of medication, these oils were right up my alley. (I am not against medication when needed, there is a time and a place for it)

I went all in from the very beginning and started researching and learning all about them. These oils are now something we use daily (all day long) and our health and wellness have improved significantly. After I got into this oily lifestyle I started paying more attention to ingredients in all of the products I use. I then knew why I would get asthma attacks from cleaners and air fresheners. I no longer use just any shampoo or body wash. What you put on your body gets into your body. There are ingredients in those items linked to asthma, hormone disruption, and cancer among other many other things. I slowly switched out these things to plant based products/alternatives. I am glad you are here and I would love to have you on this wellness journey with me. We are each on our own unique journey and we do not judge each others journey, just guide and help each other along the way.