Shannon is a Registered Yoga Teacher and Licensed Clinical Counselor. For 10 years, she has diagnosed and treated a variety of mental health issues. Her personal journey is now intermixed with her professional journey. The integration of clinical counseling and mind-body work, such as yoga and meditation, bring a more holistic approach to her practice. The integration of Young Living essential oils has greatly enhanced this holistic approach not only with her clients, but for herself as well. Shannon's passion is to bring unity among the body, mind, and spirit connection in the process of healing through the use of many techniques, which includes the use of essential oils.


Shannon believes "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts." To treat just one aspect 

of what makes us human, is failing to bring complete healing. She has experienced this personally in her own journey after the traumatic loss of her husband, and now is able to bring this to others in their journey toward wholeness. The use of Young Living essential oils has allowed her to work toward complete healing and walks alongside others in their journey as well. The daily use of of Young Living oils has helped her find the calm within the storm in order to be the best mom to her two daughters, the best instructor to her yogis, and best counselor to her clients.