Hello there! My name is Lorene. In August of 2016, I married my hero husband, Duane. He is the most selfless, generous, and caring person one could meet and I am so blessed that God designed him specifically for me. Other than a wife, I am also known as a daughter, sister, and nurse. As a nurse, I interact and care for very ill people, many of which have debilitating diseases that negatively impact their quality of life. Many of these illnesses can be prevented through healthy living. This is a huge reason why I am a strong advocate of Young Living products and is one of the reasons why I wanted to get started on this healthy living journey. Prior to being a Young Living member, I heard about it for quite some time and I knew I wanted to get involved, but never took the time to indulge in the use of essential oils. Later on, 

my sister signed up which influenced me to sign up as well, and I have not once regretted my decision! I also love to learn. I have learned how to manage health conditions through medicine, but I also wanted to learn how to prevent and/or manage them through the use of completely pure, safe and non-toxic products! These oils are completely P U R E and God has provided them for His children to use! As a Christian, I believe that my body is Christ’s temple and we are obligated to properly care for our body. I am so delighted that Young Living provides me with an opportunity to care for my body with completely pure products!