Hi my name is Katrina. I want to share a little bit of my story. I am a wife and mother. I have been married to my husband Ozzie for 23 years and counting and we have 3 beautiful girls Mckayla, Kandra, and Kaitlynn. I live in Murfreesboro Tennessee and yes I am 100 percent a southerner accent and all. I am proud of it too. How I got introduced to youngs living is by my friend Sue Zirkle and her daughter Trisha. I have been real sick for the past few years and not able to go back to work. We went to vacation in South Carolina where Sue lives and she made me a roller to try for my thyroid and she started telling me how essential oils was helping her and her husband. She used oils for different things and while we where there for our visit I got to experience the relaxation of the oils she was diffusing and it was so relaxing and peaceful. 

I told my husband I would like to get a kit. It took me another year to do so but I finally got my own kit to try. I am in love with it and cant wait to see what the future holds with it. I am already enjoying the peaceful relaxing diffuser and good night sleep it brings. Along with the benefits of the oils.