I'm 27 years old and I've been using oils since I was a little. I remember having a cold when I was little and having my mom put (YL) peppermint oil in hot water for me to sip to clear my sinuses. I used essential oils as an adult and loved them. In early 2017 my sister in law reintroduced me to Young Living. At first I was skeptical because I thought all essential oils were the same. She explained Seed-to-Seal and I almost fainted when I though about how much money I wasted on my entire rack of "cheaper" garbage oils. She talked to me about how I could replace them for free and maybe make a few extra bucks and I was in! I love my oils and my business! I love that I get paid to share this oily goodness with the world because honestly I can't shut up about it anyway! I can't wait to replace my income and work completely from home!