For us, getting started with essenital oils was a no brainer.. but the part we struggled with was finding the right company that we trusted for our children. I think it's every first time parents dream to raise their kids in a lifestyle of wellness. We knew that we wanted the absolute best for our kids so we dug deep into the research and the answer was written clear on the wall. Young Living has been the best choice for our family. It's more than just a few amber bottles that are filled with sunshine and unicorns (kidding but it's a pretty close description). For us, it's about our kids asking for essential oils to boost their little immune systems rather than coming to us later asking for relief when they felt under the weather. It's about teaching them what's in their bodies and on their skin matter. It started with a couple amber bottles

but it turned into a whole home over haul. It sure wasn't instant and it's taken time even still is a work in progress. We understand balance (like buying organic grapes but also enjoying some taco bell on occasion). Young Living has given our kids a jump start on wellness, provided amazing opportunities for us as a family and given us a community to thrive in, We are beyond thank for the choice we made and we know you will be too.