Hi friends! So, I’m slightly oil obsessed! And this might be a complete understatement. I’ve been using Young Living Essential oils for what seems like forever now. I can’t imagine going a day without them… & I’m totally alright with this!! From the time I wake up & brush my teeth, using my orange E.O. to the time I go to bed to diffuse use lavender & cedar wood essential oils. (Yes, I sometimes switch it up, but these are definite bedtime favs) To all day in between! If my daughter stubs her toe, grab the booboo roller. If I start to get tired or feel my head start to thump, I grab the peppermint! Busy day at work, grab the stress away! If I hear, “Ahh, Mommy, I spilt my milk!” Grab the thieves cleaner & run!! It’s become my routine & I love it! I started this oily journey because honestly, I was curious... yes, I know, curiosity killed the cat. But in this

situation… it’s definitely only helped improve the way my family & I live. Thankfully, I’ve removed (almost) all of the harmful chemicals from our home & switched to homemade oil based products or YL products (which are amazing!). I think my four year old daughter said it best when witnessing one of her friends have a slight melt down, “Mom, she needs oils.” Take it from me, we all do! Be it for physical or emotional wellness. So, if you are like I was & are the least bit curious, ask! Or better yet, jump on this oil train. You won’t regret it!