I started Young Living a few years ago after hearing my friend talk about all the things Young Living was doing for her. I was looking for help with my family's health. I have four kids so when one of us gets sick it takes a while for it to work through everyone. As I got more familiar with oils I realized all the other things oils can do as well. For example make my house smell amazing, help with sleep, healthy hair growth, and helping my kids in school. Even their teachers have noticed a difference. Then after I found out more about Young Living, I found out there was more to the company then just oils. I learned how to clean my house with out flaring up an asthma attack from the chemical smell. I learned I can clean my clothes, wash my hair, wash my kids, and clean my house all toxin free! My house smells amazing and there is no chemicals or toxins being diffused, just 

oils! I don't have to worry about cleaning while my kids are in bed (because lets face it that is the only time it stays clean for more then 10 min) and them breathing in chemicals while they sleep! My kids love them and ask for there special rollers when they need them. These oils are amazing!