When you hop on board with your Young Living journey with any of our members, you are joining a team full of amazing individuals who will not only help you grow in your oil journey but empower you to be the best you there is. Happy Oilers© have donated to thousands of charities, built schools in Nepal, funded mission trips within our great country when under distress, and funded many adoptions along the way. We have helped families take back their wellness all over the country. We aren’t a small team, but we are never too big to care for you and your family.




 I love that this community encourages me to be connected. As a mother of three who is constantly moving it’s easy to get lost, but the youngliving community encourages me to stay in connection with some truly amazing people.

— Ashley Skibicki, Sage Society Team Member

I can't tell you how happy I am I got into YL with this group of people right here. I have never felt more welcome, and a part of the family, as I do with this group, and I've done many different things in my many years. Everyone here is always willing to help and answer questions...and the leaders are the best I've ever seen...seriously! I have learned so much, and am eager to keep learning. Joining this group was the best decision I ever made, hands down!

Vickie Gerlach, Sprout Team Member

Sage & Sprout is a warm, welcoming community of oilers. We are all students, learning something new every day, and we help guide each other to our best health and financial freedom. - Khristina Sly, Sprout Team Member


I've seen some pretty big mountains move within this community. Being apart of this community is about being apart of something much bigger. We are all in this journey together and formed amazing bonds. 

— Grace Bishop, Sage Society Team Member


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