I have always been trying to find natural alternatives for my lifestyle. I used apple cider vinegar for everything before Young Living became a part of my lifestyle. I took a few months of waiting to get the money for my starter kit. When I finally got my kit it was the best day ever. Immediately looked to see what essential oils would be great for me as a female each month as I needed something for some support. Dragon time essential oil blend from YL seemed to be the answer. I got it on my first ER order and it was my saving grace that month! That was my moment I felt all giddy inside knowing that I was going to have more moments like this as I would try other new oils and items to turn my lifestyle around. My next big ah-ha moment was when I finally had Thieves cleaner. I already am a cleaning freak but I enjoyed cleaning even more when I was able to use a non toxic cleaner in my home.