Hi there! I’m a full time daycare teacher, crazy crafter, planner addict, and now I’ve added happy Oiler! I love oils and I want to share why! After growing up with an oil obsessed mom I lost touch with the oil life for a while. I recently started looking back into them after some amazing happy oilers started reintroducing me to them! I finally took the leap in November 2017 (after dipping my toes in for MONTHS!) and got my kit and I don’t know how I went so long without them, I wish I had gotten it in the beginning! Being in a classroom full of kids all day lavender and stress away have been LIFESAVERS! Especially with all the germs thieves is a must to get through any season! I have been trying to find ways to boost my natural immunity for a long time and I’m super happy I finally found something that does that and 

so much more! I can’t wait to help educate others and show them all the benefits Young Living has to offer them. I am crazy excited to start out on the oil journey and to have the amazing support of my Young Living family!! It would be silly not to share something this amazing with all of my friends!