Hi! My name is Ashley Yoder! I am a wife to the best husband there could ever be and a fur mom to my TWO pups and I love every minute of it. Jesus comes first in everything I do—oils have a very biblical history and I would love to go through that with you in person, if it’s something you’re interested in. My husband is my biggest supporter and was my hardest sell on oils believe it or not. When we first started dating he called them a waste of money and a hoax. Today he uses them daily and sees their benefits in everyday living. It has always been my mission to live as clean and whole of a life as possible. Young Living offers an immense variety of products to help me do that in every aspect of life. To me living a toxic free life is the best life I can give myself and my family. I started with oils in 2012 and love 

sharing them with anyone and everyone I meet! I don’t know how to not talk about them if I’m being honest. My favorite oil is stress away! I use it everyday and you should too! I use thieves on the daily as well! I want you to know, this isn’t a business, it’s a way of life. Young Living is a community and a family! I cant wait to bring you into this and immerse you will all of our amazing resources! Let’s chat soon!