non-toxic and chemical free way of living has my family hooked! I am so thankful for Young Living because it couldn't have come to me at a better time in my life. I love using the products everyday and the support network I've bonded with! God always does everything for a reason, and oils have become a staple and blessing in our house! I love coffee and my friends! Those close to me describe me as caring, honest, funny and always speak my mind! Even if I wanted to keep my mouth shut about oils, I probably couldn't! I have a great team that I love to help succeed with their business and do well! I love to educate others about oils and how they can incorporate them into their lifestyle. Let me know if you'd love to join my team with an abundance of knowledge and info that could change your life forever!

Hello! My name is Aimee Carmichael! I am a proud mama to 5 rambunctious but adorable children. Their names are Abigail, Rylen, Olivia, Lilyanna, and Judd who is almost 2! I am also happily engaged to the love of my life. We have been together almost 7 years and he has always been my #1 fan. I couldn't do this roller-coaster ride without him! I am a crunchy happy oiler, Goodwill junkie and a total people person! I wanted to see what these oils were all about!! My daughter had problems focusing in school. I wanted to find a natural alternative way to help her concentrate and support her learning abilities. I started my research in October of 2016 and finally took the leap of faith 6 months later and jumped on ER right away. I wish I had done it sooner! My mission for a