oil loving, oil rubbing, oil huf f ing individuals that want to share our passion for Young Living Essential Oils with you!


Choosing Young Living has been life changing for myself and my family. We have replaced so many products that we thought were safe, but were actually very toxic. Essential Oils are now a part of our daily routine. I’m so grateful that we can support our health and wellness naturally, all through plants that God gave us to use in the first place.

— Trisha Pollard, Sprout Team Member


Young Living is more than just essential oils, it's the largest selection in products for total home wellness. In our home we range from kids, to dogs, to chickens and there is a products backed by seed to seal for each one of them. 

— Samantha Gadd, Sage Society Team Member


With Young Living oils I know, through 3rd party testing, that they are in fact what the label says; no extra chemicals and no dilution. They also make it very clear which ones are safe to consume and which ones aren’t. Initially I didn’t switch to YL because I thought it would be more expensive, but as with most things, a better quality product mean you don’t have to replace it as often. 

— Katie Yoder, Sage Society Team Member


Young living has really helped me and my family support our body systems, and has given me and my husband more energy to do things that we want with our children. I could never choose another product or company over this one for their seed to seal guarantee.

— Desiree Ruggles , Sprout Team Member


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